Eco-friendly Straw Material

The main component of the coffee grounds straw is pla polylactic acid, pla is made of a new type of The biodegradable material, the production raw material lactic acid is obtained from corn starch,Fully biodegradable in a short time, rejecting white pollution.
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The Features of Eco-friendly Straw Material

The texture is hard and safe to suck 
The straw has high toughness, easily penetrates hard packaging, and has a comfortable taste.
Flat and pointed suction ports
Delicate and smooth incision design, the incision is flat without burrs, to avoid the risk of scratching the sharp-mouthed straw. Choose from two straws.
Straw comes with coffee aroma
The faint aroma of coffee emitted by the straw brings a tranquil enjoyment.

The specification of Eco-friendly Straw Material


Coffee Grounds +Natural Plants Fiber





Straight, Flat mouth






6*210mm(Normal temperature/high temperature resistance)

12*230mm(Normal temperature/high temperature resistance)

Modes of packing

Individually wrapped straw( paper wrap)-100pcs/opp bag





LOGO customize

Wrapped straw + logo printing up to 4 colors

( Minimum order quantity 200,000 pcs )




Heat Resistance

Normal temperature:40℃

high temperature:80℃


12 months




Storage Condition

Store the coffee grounds straw in room temperature away from direct sunlight and humidity





1. Can be degradate within 180days under industrial decompose to be H20 ,CO2 and naturals.

2. They can be incinerated ,our compostable material won't release any toxic chemicals .

3. They can be buried , they will degrade into H2O, CO2 and Nutrients.

Product Advantages

Zero Plastics

Zero Petroleum

No Dyes

No Coatings

No Heavy Metals





Product Features

Our certified compostable and plastic free straws are made with 100% plant-based ingredients using real coffee grounds that can be composted over time.




Sample time

3-7 working days





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