Eco Friendly 100% Nature Round Bowls

Our disposable paper bowls are made of sugarcane fiber, a fast-growing plant that does not cut down trees, and don't need to be broken down for hundreds of years like plastic bowls. These bagasse bowls can compost in a commercial facility, it only takes 3-6 months, It's very friendly to the environment.
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Features of Eco Friendly 100% Nature Round Bowls

Eco-friendly and Convenience
Compostable bowls wholesale are the perfect solutions for eco-friendly and convenience. They use special manufacturing techniques, tree-free.To a large extent, reduced energy consumption. After use, they can be composted in a commercial facility and they will be completely composted in 3-6 months.
Healthy and Safety
Our compostable paper bulk bowls are made from food-grade materials, They have no wax lining, gluten-free and plastic-free. You will not find BPA that can be found in plastic bowls. When you open the package, you will not smell any pungent smell, It is very safe and healthy. You can use our disposable bowls with peace of mind.
Microwave and Fridge Safe
Sugarcane fiber has a natural strength, These heavy-duty bagasse bowls are stronger and more durable than traditional paper bowls. You can use it in the microwave and fridge. They have good oil resistance and soaking resistance.
A variety of Functions
Our Eco-friendly bowl is the perfect choice for your party or picnic. You can use these compostable bowls for all kinds of hot and cold food, such as chili, soup, desserts, salad, snacks, desserts. These disposable bowls can help you reduce cleaning time, thereby increasing the efficiency of your home.

Specification of Eco Friendly 100% Nature Round Bowls


Sugarcane paper


Eco-friendly; Disposable; Custom print accept

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0.75oz,1oz,2.5oz ,3.5oz,5oz,6oz,7oz,8oz ,9oz,10oz 12oz ,14oz,16oz 20oz,24oz,32oz



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Coffee, Juice, Milk, Tea, etc


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