Compostable Wrapped Paper Straws

Paper Drinking Straws can replace the original non-degradable plastic straws and are a good partner for milk tea. The paper straws are made of food-grade kraft paper, made of pure natural wood pulp, non-toxic and tasteless, and not easy to degumming. Once the one-time function is used up and discarded, it can be naturally degraded within half a month, and the renewable function of paper is used to realize the popularization of paper straws into life.
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Features of Compostable  Wrapped Paper Straws

  • Durable. 24-48 hours not fall apart or get mushy in liquid.
  • Food Safe. all being approved or tested. Kindly contact us if you need a copy.
  • 100% Eco-Friendly and Degradable.
  • We support wholesale and customizing services on straws and packaging solutions.

Advantages of Compostable  Wrapped Paper Straws

Degradable raw pulp

no bleaching, no odor, safe, hygienic and environmentally friendly, made of wood virgin fibers, no bleaching, no additives.

Moderately soft and hard, high penetration

thickening, high hardness, high toughness, easy to penetrate hard packaging, accustomed to not deformed and rounded suction mouth.

Both hot and cold drinks can be used:

ready to drink at any time in the four seasons -10~100℃, resistant to cold and high temperature

Straw thickness can be customized

Specification of Compostable  Wrapped Paper Straws

Description Compostable  Wrapped Paper Straws
Material Paper pulp
Feature Disposable /Biodegradable/Duable
Size 18-25cm
Qualifications ISO22000
Packing In bulk/OPP bag/Kraft box/Customized
MOQ 100pcs
Scope of application Drinking Beverage/Restaurant/Bar/Home/Party
Color Show as pictures or customized



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