Compostable Cold Food Containers

Polylactide is with good biodegradability, can be degraded into carbon dioxide completely by microorganism in certain condition after using, without pollution and is good for environmental protection, it is the recognized eco-friendly material.
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Features of  Compostable Cold Food Containers

Food Grade
Biodegradable food grade kraft paper which is no harm to health.
Mainly used to keep salad, fast food, soup, snack, rice, noodle, hot and cold food.
It can be heated in microwave oven and cold storage in refrigerator. Keep -20℃ to 120℃ temperature store.
Anti-oil Waterproof
PE film inside, the edge of the bowl is smooth and round no broken edges, no burrs as well.
Good Sealing Effect
The lids cover the bowl tightly, no leakage happen.
Bottom Desgin
Thickened kraft cardboard to not deform easily.

Specification of Compostable Cold Food Containers


Fast Food Paper Package, Salad Paper Bowl


Deli, salad, rice, noodle, hot food, cold food, etc.

Paper Type

Kraft paper

Printing Handling



Grease Resistant, Microwavable, Biodegradable


330ml, 345ml, 600ml, 750ml, 900ml, or custom




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