Compostable Clamshell Food Containers

Polylactide(PLA) is a new type of bio-base and renewable biodegradable material, made from raw material of starch extracted from renewable plant resource (eg. corn, cassava). Glucose can be get after saccharifying of raw material of starch. Starch was fermented into high purity  lactic acid by glucose or some culture, then is made into proper molecular weight of polylactide. Polylactide is with good biodegradability, can be degraded into carbon dioxide completely by microorganism in certain condition after using, without pollution and is good for environmental protection, it is the recognized eco-friendly material.
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Features of Compostable Clamshell Food Containers

  • Microwave Safe;Freezer Safe.
  • 100% Biodegradable and compostable.
  • 100% Natural fiber;No chemical additives.
  • Up to 120℃;Water/oil Resistance.
  • Oil proof and water proof
  • Good choice for take-out
  • Interested in other biodegradable clamshell food containers

    Specification of Compostable Clamshell Food Containers

    Water and Oil Proof

    Resist to 100℃ hot water and 120℃ hot oil without leakage or deformation

    Microwave and refrigerator safe

    No deformation after freezing and defreezing


    Clean, non-toxic, harmless, healthy and safe to use


    100% renewable sugarcane bagasse fiber pulp material, Biodegradable in 90 days


    OEM & ODM customized offered

    200+ Items Selection:

    Plate, Bowl, Clamshell, Tray, Container, Cup