Biodegradable White Reusable Straws

Compostable Straws, The Best Alternative for Restaurants Biodegradable drinking straws that are compostable. Go Green! Eco Friendly and Renewable. Sustainable, PLA and Paper Straws Made From Renewable Resources. Standard size straws. Fast, Free Shipping.
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Features of Biodegradable White Reusable Straws

  • Biodegradable material healthy and eco-friendly and ease to use. Suction mouth smooth no burr.
  • PLA straw need to be stored in dry, cool environment. Away form the fire and avoid sunshine. The room temperature cannot exceed 60 degrees.
  • Interested in other bulk compostable straws.

Specification of Biodegradable White Reusable Straws

Raw materials

corn starch,cassava,etc


degradable corn, cassava,green,natural

Warranty period

12 months


12mmx23cm 9mmx21cm


single straw paper packaging,4000 pcs in a carton

Scope of application

Drinking hot and cold beverages, such as  coffee, sodapop, wine and etc.


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