Biodegradable Meal Tray

Who wants the gravy from their chicken seeping into the apple crisp? Nobody, hence the need for sectional plates. Vplus compartment trays are definitely the perfect option for parties, cafeterias, or food trucks, School Lunch, Buffet, Family Picnic, Daily Use, Super Bowl Party, Work Lunch, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Potluck parties.Convenient disposable paper plates, save your hours of clean-up after party. You can simply throw disposable dinnerware set out when making cleaning up after the party.Thanks to the recyclable sugarcane fiber we use, they won't cause environmental pollution.
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Features of Biodegradable Meal Tray

Good For Environment:
Made from sustainably sourced sugarcane fibers, these disposable plates are 100% biodegradable and suitable for composting for easy disposal,making these trays good for the environment.
5-Compartment Trays:
Serve full Meals in Convenient Style Compostable Food Trays. Providing five Separate Compartments, the Tray keeps Food Separated, Perfect for a Main Dish, Three Sides, and a Dessert.
100% Bagasse Sugarcane Fiber:
By reusing the natural fibers of Sugarcane, this material is 100% Sustainable and Renewable for the environment, these divided plates are dye-free, BPA-free, and made without any plastic or wax.
Sturdy and Durable:
These disposable compartment plates are designed with superior strength and are cut-resistant and leak-resistant.Plus, they're also microwave and freezer safe.

Specification of Biodegradable Meal Tray

Net Weight:

25 g


265*211*H23.5 mm


Sugarcane bagasse


125pcs*4 packs  500pcs/ctn


White or Natural

Product name:

Disposable tray