Biodegradable Double Walled Paper Coffee Cups

Disposable paper cups can be used as hot coffee, hot cocoa, espresso, iced coffee, and other hot and cold drinks, and are ideal for families, offices, cafes, activities, and trips. These paper coffee cups are recyclable and can be directly discarded after use. Paper materials are easier to degrade and more environmentally friendly than other materials.
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Features of Biodegradable Double Walled Paper Coffee Cups

  • Value suit: You can get 80 pack 16oz disposable insulated coffee cups, which can be used to store at home or in the office, and are very suitable for carrying out.
  • Leak-proof and durable: the lid of the coffee cup is tightly attached to the cup body, which can be tightly attached to the cup body only by lightly pressing. The cup body is firm, not easily deformed when heated, and the bottom of the cup has spiral lines, which are not easy to leak.
  • Heat insulation and anti-scalding: Our coffee cups are made of three thickened corrugated walls, which are thicker than ordinary paper cups, strong and easy to grasp, and do not need to use additional cup covers.

Specification of Biodegradable Double Walled Paper Coffee Cups

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 Natural Bagasse Bowl