Biodegradable Disposable Paper Knife

This biodegradable tableware is produced by fermentation from renewable resources such as corn, potato and crop straw, and the high-purity polylactic acid prepared by further purification and polymerization is used as raw material.
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Features of Biodegradable Disposable PLA Knife

  • Made from renewable plant materials.
  • Light, strong, clear and food-safe.
  • Lower carbon emissions in manufacture than oil-based plastics.
  • No toxic petrochemical 'plasticisers' with are used with PLA which means foods and drinks are not contaminated with poison.

Specification of Biodegradable Disposable Knife

Materials 100% PLA
Colors White, Black, Custom Color Accepted
Type Tea or Coffee Spoon, Spoon, Fork, Knife
Size From 3 to 7 Inch
Advantage High Standard Heat Resistance
Logo Customized Logo Availabe
Features Disposable, Biodegradable, Compostable

OPP or PLA bag, Paper wrap, Cusomized Packaging Avaliable


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