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Sugarcane Cutlery Description

Comes with 50 Cups and 50 PLA Lids! A convenient size, these 4-oz. condiment cups let you store more sauce, peanut butter, snacks, or condiments in your lunch box or bag. Stackable for easy storing and transport.

The portion cups are biodegradable and compostable, made from a renewable and sustainable resource. Our bagasse or sugarcane products have no plastic or wax lining. Bagasse products are made from the pulp of sugarcane. Sugarcane products are biodegradable, which means they can be disposed of in the composter/food waste bin. Using the pulp means that more of the plant is being put to use, instead of going to waste.

Find tons of uses for these super convenient cups! Use these portion cups to store condiments and dressings like ketchup, mayo, and your favorite sauces! The disposable containers can also be used for storing jello shots, food samples, cosmetics, and for storing pills!

Crafted with High-Quality Sugarcane Bagasse, sturdier than plastic, paper, and polystyrene tableware. Leave a positive environmental impact by using biodegradable and readily and rapidly renewable resources. They are biodegradable and compostable, made from renewable and sustainable resources. Bagasse products are made from the pulp of sugarcane.

Advantages of Sugarcane Cutlery

  1. Compostable food containers are great to serve hot or cold to-go lunches. It is a perfect disposable salad bowl with a lid to take a homemade salad to work or school. These biodegradable take-out food containers make a great choice for daily lunch or any other meal at restaurants to go orders, food trucks, parties at work or home, or even for an outdoor picnic.
  2. These take-out containers are made from 100% Sugarcane fiber, a sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable heavy-duty material. Hence it is a great alternative to regular paper or plastic disposable containers. It offers better sturdiness and easy clean-up after use. No tree and no plastic in use.
  3. These containers are great to use for hot or cold food items. It is sturdy enough to hold hot food for a long time without leaking and deforming its shape. It does not contain any plastic or wax lining. These bowls are microwavable, oven safe & Freezable. They are liquid, oil and cut-resistant.