PLA Bags Description

Appropriate Size - 12 inches width, 6 1/2 inches gusset width, and 22 inches height of these biodegradable bags with targeted shelf life ensure that you carry all the stuff you want to with ease and without worrying about the space you have available.

Environment-Friendly - These biodegradable t-shirt bags break down or decompose a lot faster than traditional plastic bags (30+ years) used for hot and cold items.

Attractive Design – The green color and leafy design of this bag allow you to feel confident in carrying it around anywhere, be it a local mom-and-pop store or a hotel. These bags look good compared to the traditional white plastic bags.

Easy Storage – If you want to extend the shelf life of these t-shirt grocery bags, the only thing you need to do is to store them in a dark storage area. As they are 12.5 microns thick, they won’t take much space on your shelves.

Handy Product – These t-shirt grocery bags are a good choice even if you want to walk for a few minutes to reach your destination thanks to two handy handles that allow you to have a perfect grip and don’t put much strain on your hands.

Functions of PLA Bags

  1. Ample Heat and Cold Resistance These biodegradable bags offer the same heat and cold resistance as traditional plastic t-shirt bags which means that they can be used for similar purposes like carrying groceries, cold-cut foods, or hot & fresh takeaway orders.
  2. No Leaks If you often carry important stuff like food, groceries, clothes, or other things in green plastic t-shirt bags, you might want to consider these as they are sturdy, long-lasting, and leakproof.
  3. No Stink or Gluing Issues Several green plastic grocery bags stink or cling to each other a bit too much making it hard for customers to separate them. These bags won’t come with such time-wasting side effects. They have a pleasant smell and can be separated from each other with ease.