Why Pulp Cutlery is an Alternative to Plastic Cutlery?

1. EASY JOINT pulp tableware: a new type of disposable tableware

Most of it is produced and heated with natural, pollution-free, and renewable raw materials in nature. It has high degradability and is environmentally friendly tableware. Now the raw materials of pulp tableware are divided into wood pulp, sugarcane pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp, and so on.

2. Why do people use pulp tableware?

To sum up, there are four advantages: environmentally-friendly, healthy, fashionable, and valuable.
(1) Environmentally-friendly
Because the raw materials of biodegradable paper food packaging are renewable and non-polluting raw materials in nature, such products are degradable, and their decomposition products will not cause damage to the environment.

(2) Healthy
We all know that the current disposable plastic tableware itself has problems. It is made of polystyrene polymer materials extracted from petroleum and processed with foaming agents. When heated, it will produce toxic and harmful gases and carcinogens, which is easy to cause human disease, but the pulp tableware is different. It is made of natural raw materials and does not add any additives. Moreover, it contains a natural plant aroma.

(3) Fashionable
Pulp tableware is roughly divided into two colors according to different raw materials: natural color and white. The natural appearance is fashionable and generous, and the white is pure and pollution-free. And its product styles are various, which can meet the needs of daily life.

R&D: In order to continuously expand its market share in the industry, the biodegradable food packaging manufacturers will further increase R&D funds, focus on the training of R&D personnel, and actively participate in international exchanges of cutting-edge learning activities in the same industry, so as to expand its horizons and maintain the spirit of innovation.

Equipment: In order to meet the market demand, and at the same time continuously improve the technical content and quality of equipment, advanced computer processing center equipment, and improve the skills of employees, the company has increased investment in innovation, attached importance to the construction of technology development institutions, and vigorously developed science and technology to introduce talents, striving to improve the ability of independent innovation, introducing new high-tech products to better serve customers, as well as social innovation resources such as information technology, scientific and technological talents, funds, etc., so as to contribute to the company's innovation and development.