What to Consider When Using Biodegradable Meat Packaging Trays?

With the development of the food delivery industry, the pollution problem of takeaway packaging has become increasingly serious, attracting attention from all sectors of society. In order to reduce environmental pollution, wholesale biodegradable cutlery is becoming a new trend in the takeaway packaging industry. So, what should we pay attention to when using biodegradable meat packaging trays?


Look for the label of biodegradable meat packaging trays


You should check whether there are QS signs, production licenses, manufacturers, production addresses, and other information. Some businesses may use inferior meal boxes to reduce costs. At this time, we need to check whether the meal boxes meet national safety standards.


Avoid high-temperature heating of biodegradable meat packaging trays


Actually, the complete degradation of meal boxes is achieved by high temperature. Therefore, try not to heat the biodegradable meat packaging trays at high temperatures during use. Once heated, the meal boxes may dissolve or damage the overall effect of the boxes. This could cause harm to customers and affect the quality of the food once the box dissolves due to the high temperature.


Do not reuse biodegradable meat packaging trays


When using fully biodegradable meal boxes for catering work, do not reuse thebiodegradable meat packaging trays that have been used. This is not only unhygienic but also may cause the meal box to break due to repeated use. Once the meal box is broken, the internal food will spill out and customers may be burned, causing further losses.


Do not store biodegradable meat packaging trays for too long


If there are a large number of biodegradable meat packaging trays that need to be stored, it is best to keep them in a dry and clean environment and not store the boxes for a long time. Prolonged storage of compostable food trays may also be contaminated by external pollution. If contaminated meal boxes are used to store food, consumers may consume bacteria and other pollutants, resulting in various diseases.


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