The Three Major Advantages of Biodegradable Straws Widely Used in the Market

Currently, degradable straws account for about 60% of the company's business, with materials including polylactic acid, paper, and stainless steel. The person in charge told us that the production cost of ordinary straws is about 1 cent, while the production cost of paper and polylactic acid straws is generally 3 to 4 cents, and the production cost of stainless steel and glass straws, which can be reused multiple times, is higher, at around 20 to 40 cents. In addition to the higher production cost, the effective period of polylactic acid products is usually no more than 12 months, and the product will degrade immediately if stored for too long. Therefore, manufacturers must sell them as soon as possible to prevent inventory backlog.


The tactile experience of PLA degradable straws is better than that of paper straws. However, according to relevant information, the overall cost of producing degradable PLA straws is higher than that of paper straws, with the production cost of one PLA straw possibly being 3 to 10 times that of a plastic straw. Of course, using degradable straws will definitely provide a better experience than ordinary straws.


Biodegradable straws, made from renewable plant resources such as corn and cassava, are many times better than paper straws in terms of tactile experience. Moreover, it does not consume too much resources compared to paper straws, and is more environmentally friendly. It can be completely degraded after use. So what are the main advantages of widely using biodegradable straws? Let's take a look at the following three points analyzed by EASY JOINT:


Eco-friendly and non-polluting


Biodegradable straws can be completely degraded into water and carbon dioxide in ecological environments or composting conditions, and will not pollute the environment and water. This effectively prevents the risk of straw waste flowing back into society, and also shortens the time for traditional incineration or landfill disposal of straw waste to cause pollution to the environment.


A new type of environmentally friendly material


Biodegradable straws are made of PLA, PHA, PBS, PBAT, PPC, and PCL new biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials and paper, among which PLA and PHA have complete renewability, completely getting rid of dependence on petroleum resources and alleviating the problem of petroleum resource shortage; the main raw materials of PLA come from plants such as corn, sugar cane, and cassava, which is beneficial to increasing the added value of crops; PPC, one of the main raw materials of PPC, is carbon dioxide, which is beneficial to alleviating or even solving the greenhouse effect.


Biodegradable straws can promote people's environmental awareness


The use of biodegradable straws is beneficial to further enhance people's environmental awareness, which is crucial for sustainable economic development.


The formulation of standards for biodegradable compostable straws will greatly promote the safety development of human health and ecological environment, and will also promote the healthy and rapid development of functional biodegradable new materials industry, which is crucial for "green manufacturing" and "energy conservation and environmental protection".