The Great Significance of Using Biodegradable Straws PLA

Currently, people are familiar with straws and various types of straws are used in many different industries, including the food service industry. biodegradable straws PLA are one of the many types of straw materials available in the market. Given the environmental problems and resource waste associated with plastic straws, biodegradable straws PLA have received high attention from various sectors. Moreover, many large food service organizations have already completely phased out plastic straws, making the promotion and application of biodegradable straws PLA of significant importance.


The promotion of biodegradable straws PLA


Both paper straws and biodegradable straws PLA are environmentally friendly, but paper straws have poor user experience after being used. Therefore, biodegradable straws PLA, which have higher cost, are used instead.


As a beverage straw product used in the food industry and healthy beverage industry production, it can completely replace the initial plastic straw application scope. Based on the specific regulations of different customers, the production manufacturer can develop design plans and production processes. Therefore, biodegradable plastic straws can not only be produced in different lengths and diameters but also in different colors and patterns.


Therefore, considering specific application regulations, the use of biodegradable plastic straws in the beverage industry is becoming more and more popular. Choosing and using biodegradable plastic straws in restaurants and the food industry can not only save production costs but also consider environmental protection regulations.


The application of biodegradable straws PLA


After the paper straw craze, biodegradable straws PLA made a grand entrance. The temperature tolerance of biodegradable straws PLA is between 10℃ and 80℃, which is similar to that of traditional plastic straws, but with higher stability. In the production process of biodegradable straws, food-grade ecological degradation additives are added to accelerate the complete decomposition of the plastic in 2-3 years to water and carbon dioxide, which would otherwise take hundreds of years. The traditional straws come in many different shapes, such as colored and bendable. However, they take hundreds of years to completely degrade, which can be a catastrophic disaster for our environment. Therefore, biodegradable straws PLA became the leader among the various types of straws and are the perfect match for milk tea!