The Benefits of Compostable Cutlery and Its Related Introduction

How much do you know about the benefits of compostable cutlery? Today's consumers like to use compostable cutlery. So now manufacturers have begun to have ideas to mass-produce disposable compostable cutlery, which is purchased by consumers. However, although compostable cutlery is convenient and harmless to the human body, it will create a lot of garbage for the society. In addition, people's habit of throwing garbage everywhere is getting worse and worse, but the advantages of compostable cutlery still outweigh the disadvantages, it is also worth our understanding!
Compostable Cutlery

Compostable disposable cutlery is a food container whose materials are harmless to the human body, the production process does not pollute the environment, and the product quality fully meets the national food hygiene requirements. PP is safe and hygienic, non-toxic and harmless, and has high recycling value. Different from foaming, styrofoam is made of toxic raw materials. It is poisonous after being burned at high temperature and melted. It does not matter if PP is used. It has been very popular in foreign countries, but it still belongs to high-end fast food products in China. EASY JOINT produces and sells food-grade brand-new imported PP plastic blister environmentally friendly lunch boxes, a disposable high-grade environmentally friendly lunch box, which does not add harmful ingredients to the human body and meets the national QS health standards. It can be directly put into the microwave oven for heating, refrigerated in the refrigerator, and the embossed store logo can be printed for free, showing your hotel and restaurant, food value, and restaurant image.

Compostable cutlery: The product is a one-time high-grade environmentally friendly lunch box without fillers, using food-grade PP new imported materials, safe sealing and non-odor design, with super supporting force, to ensure no leakage, spillage and deformation during the delivery of fast food.

Degradable plastics refer to plastics with reduced stability and easier degradation in the natural environment after adding a certain amount of additives (such as starch, modified starch or other cellulose, photosensitizers, biodegradants, etc.) during the production process.

Advantages: environmental protection and sanitation - degradable plastics, generally considered to be a kind of plastic that can be decomposed into low molecular substances by solar radiation or microorganisms in the soil. In addition to being degradable, it should also have properties that are easy to process and meet the requirements of use. The harmful effect of sunlight on polymer materials is the combined effect of ultraviolet light and oxygen, so it is called photo-oxidative degradation. Taking polyolefin as an example, photo-oxidation often causes polymer chain scission or cross-linking, and accompanied by the formation of some oxygen-containing functional groups, such as ketones, carboxylic acids, peroxides and alcohols. The degradation mainly comes from catalyst residues in the polymer, as well as the initiation of peroxides and carbon groups introduced during processing.

PLA tableware is a crystal plastic tableware product produced by introducing international advanced production equipment and technology and using PS material. It is non-toxic, tasteless, crystal clear, environmentally friendly and hygienic.

Safe and non-toxic
Compostable cutlery is made of food-grade material PS, which has been tested by relevant national departments and meets the national GB18006,1-2009 implementation standard.

Clean and sterile
Compostable cutlery is made by using precision injection molding equipment through injection molding at a high temperature of 260 degrees, and after being sterilized by ultraviolet rays, it is aseptically packaged in automatic running water.

Exquisite appearance
Compostable cutlery is transparent and crystal clear, with a simple and delicate appearance, which makes people addicted to it.

One-time use
Compostable cutlery is for one-time use, preventing the spread of infectious diseases during the catering process.

Compostable cutlery can be recycled after use. It can be processed and utilized as a recycled material to produce industrial household appliances. It is recycled, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

There are many benefits of compostable cutlery. But remind everyone to use compostable cutlery not to litter! After all, we enjoy the benefits of compostable cutlery, but don't turn its benefits into unacceptable disadvantages!