Sugarcane Syrup Tableware: Genuine Eco-friendly Dinnerware

Have you been troubled by garbage sorting in the past few years? Every time after finishing a meal, you have to separate dry and wet garbage, carefully picking out the leftover food from disposable lunch boxes and throwing them into two different trash cans. Have you noticed that the plastic products in the packaging boxes in the entire catering industry are getting less recently, whether it is packaging boxes, take-out, or even the previously criticized "paper straws." You often feel that these new materials are not as useful as plastic.

Eco-friendly dinnerware disposable has significant meaning, not only for the whole world but also for the entire planet.


Biodegradable food packaging materials solve the problem of kitchen waste


Environmental protection should be meaningful and valuable and should be an easy task. This is where biodegradable food packaging wholesale materials are needed. There are many materials advocating environmental protection on the market, such as corn starch and PLA, but truly environmentally friendly materials must be compostable and biodegradable. The biggest challenge is to solve the composting of kitchen waste. Simply put, it is to allow compostable materials to be composted together with kitchen waste rather than designing a separate system for compostable materials. The purpose of composting is to solve the problem of kitchen waste, such as take-out lunch boxes. If the lunch box is compostable, you can throw the leftover food and lunch box together into the kitchen waste treatment device for composting.


Biodegradable food packaging materials sugarcane pulp tableware can be composted and degraded


The raw material of the biodegradable food packaging material sugarcane pulp products comes from one of the largest food industry wastes: bagasse, also known as sugarcane pulp. The characteristics of bagasse fiber can naturally wrap around each other to form a tight mesh structure, making it possible to create compostable containers. This new green biodegradable sugarcane tableware is not only as strong as plastic and can hold liquids but also cleaner than biodegradable products made from recyclable materials. After being placed in the soil for 30-45 days, it will start to degrade, and after 60 days, it will completely lose its shape. There have been many research and product development in China and abroad.


Ejia adopts an innovative product design concept to provide professional green food packaging solutions, achieve full environmental protection, meet the needs of more diverse scenarios and higher quality, and enable the public to enjoy worry-free and convenient experiences while building a better life. Currently, the square plates, round bowls, and paper cups being sold are products that are often used in family life, gatherings with friends and relatives, and business banquets. By using these products, you can avoid a lot of cleaning work, and more importantly, it can be processed together with kitchen waste without distinction because it is a biodegradable food packaging material.