Do You Really Understand Environmentally Friendly Tableware?

The concept of green travel and low-carbon life has become more and more popular among the people. To protect the environment is to protect human beings. More and more people are beginning to realize the importance of low-carbon life, so environmentally friendly disposable cutlery comes into play at this time. Many hotels, restaurants and canteens have begun to use degradable and environmentally friendly tableware that does not pollute the environment. So do you really understand environmentally friendly tableware?


1. Environmentally friendly disposable cutlery is a common raw material that is not harmful to the body


Eco-friendly dinnerware disposable is non-toxic, odorless, easy to degrade, and has zero pollution in the whole process of production, processing, application and destruction, whose quality of the product conforms to the actual national food hygiene and safety regulations, and it is a compostable hot food containers with the characteristics of easy acquisition, easy emergency disposal or easy centralized processing after the commodity is used up. Although environmentally friendly tableware is not the same as degradable tableware. Degradable tableware is only one of the environmentally friendly tableware, but degradable tableware has become the mainstream environmental protection tableware.



2. Biodegradable environmentally friendly disposable cutlery is a substitute for ordinary tableware in fast food restaurants and tourism


Biodegradable environmentally friendly plant based disposable cutlery is not easy to cause waste and garbage, so it is very green and environmentally friendly. Now many countries are committed to improving the awareness of environmental protection, so biodegradable disposable tableware made from biodegradable tableware has gained more and more customers. One of the degradable tableware is PLA fully biodegradable environmental protection tableware. This kind of tableware is completely degraded and has zero pollution. The degradation cycle time is 45-90 days. Moreover, it is moisture-proof and oil-resistant, and can be refrigerated, frozen, baked, and microwaved. It is not prone to problems within 100 °C.


But why can't degradable tableware catch customers' heartstrings? The main reasons are the following three points: First, the weak point of people's environmental protection ideology work, due to the formation of degradable environmentally friendly lunch boxes and other components of polylactic acid, the price is relatively expensive compared to ordinary disposable lunch boxes. Second, most of the environmental protection tableware companies do not have adequate marketing and promotion, and the supply chain management in this field is not perfect, so many people do not know the concept of disposable biodegradable tableware at all. Third, the advocacy of the official website is insufficient. All staff must promote mutual awareness of protection and preserve clear waters and green mountains for future generations.


This article mainly introduces the basic information and usage status of environmentally friendly tableware. Will you spend a higher price to use environmentally friendly disposable cutlery to practice a green and low-carbon life?