Are Wheat Straw Tableware Safe?

Whether it's wheat straw or starch plastic, most existing degradable and environmentally friendly tableware will incorporate a fusion agent. Whether starch, wheat straw or bagasse is used alone, the technology of making tableware directly is not mature enough, and some fusion agents must be added. Most fusion agents are PP (polypropylene) or PET (the same material as beverage bottles), so the product can be formed after the product is added. The difference is in the amount added and the level of flux added.


Most of the wheat straw and tableware made are water cups, bowls, spoons, chopsticks, etc. In appearance, the color of wheat straw tableware is very uniform, basically light blue, light green, light yellow, light pink. Some online stores with large compostable straws wholesale volume alone sell tens of thousands of wheat straws and water cups. Some citizens have noticed that many wheat straw tableware are marked with words such as "environmental protection", "health" and "student cup", and some also claim "no additives" and "pure natural raw materials". However, citizens have seen netizens report on the Internet that the wheat straw cups used are "more plastic-like in texture". The color of disposable wheat straw tableware is close to its natural color and slightly yellow, while the wheat straw and tableware being sold online only have four or five colors, and the difference between the two is indeed a bit big. Is the wheat straw tableware reliable? Many disposable wheat straw tableware can be produced without chemical additives and physical setting, so it is still very reliable, but most of these processes are still limited to the production of disposable products, such as fast food boxes.

1. High temperature resistant wheat straw tableware

Environmental protection wheat straw tableware is a new type of environmental protection tableware. This tableware is healthy and free of contamination. It can help us realize the reuse of resources and reduce the waste of resources. Wheat straw tableware is a natural ingredient and does not contain harmful substances. As long as you buy it from a legitimate manufacturer, there are usually no major problems, and objects exposed to high temperatures do not produce toxins.


2. Wheat straw tableware can be boiled with boiling water

Wheat straw is a raw material such as starch. In the process of making tableware, some fusion agent needs to be added. Most fusion agents are polypropylene or PET, which is the food-grade grade specified in the country. They do not contain harmful substances and are exposed to high temperatures. No toxins are produced, so it can adapt to high temperatures. Disposable tableware and packaging materials made of clear biodegradable straws are easily decomposed by natural microorganisms, and the decomposition products are plant fertilizers, which will not cause secondary pollution. At the same time, make full use of waste straw in farmland to reduce the environmental pollution caused by farmers burning straw and turning waste into treasure.


3. Wheat straw tableware is safe, and hot water can be poured directly

The main raw materials of wheat straw tableware are food grade PP and wheat straw. Biodegradable, environmentally friendly, up to European and American standards, high temperature resistance, safety is better than pure plastic. Wheat straw tableware is formed by mixing wheat straw through a series of related operations. It is a natural ingredient. Hybrid molding requires a fusion agent such as polypropylene. Of course, these additives must be food grades stipulated by the state.